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Why Do You Ride with Troxel?

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Share your story with us! We’d love to hear why you made the decision to ride with a Troxel helmet, whether due to a previous injury or simply to feel confident in having a safer and more comfortable ride.

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A good helmet review!

Just thought I’d pass on a good review of one of your Fallon Taylor helmets. I was wearing my Troxel helmet when I had no choice but to bail off of a friend’s horse I was riding. He bolted with me still on him (I thought I would lose my balance going around a corner but I didn’t). We were in a forest on a rubble dirt track and if I didn’t have my helmet on I would have had a much more serious head injury. I came out of it quite sore and with a mild concussion but compared to what my helmet looked like, it could have been so much worse.

-Tegan M.

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My head hit the ground first.....then my back.

I want to thank Troxel for making these helmets so durable. On 7/6/18 my horse got spooked as I was mounting. One foot in the stirrup and halfway on. He took off bucking and bounced me into the saddle and then off the other side. My head is the first thing that hit. Then my back. My helmet is now cracked inside and I do not have even so much as a headache. I truly believe I would've gone unconscious if I didn’t have my helmet. It was a Troxel Spirit. These helmets are so durable for the price and I got another one right away to replace it. Thank you, Troxel! -Nekiah

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Usually dead broke horse that wasn't that day!

I went out to ride my usually dead broke horse on May 21, it was just like any other day. I saddled her up and put on my Troxel helmet, it was only the second time I had worn it because I had just gotten a new one. I stepped into the stirrup and pulled myself up into the saddle and just as my seat hit the saddle my horse went crazy. She started bucking and rearing like nothing I had ever experienced before. I knew I was about to be thrown off but you still can’t really “prepare” yourself for it. She threw me and landed directly on my ankle and I flung backwards into the ground hitting my head. Luckily, I had my helmet on. I hit my head pretty hard so I’m so thankful I had it on. I immediately knew something was wrong with my ankle though. An ambulance ride to the hospital and many tests and x-rays determined I had dislocated my ankle and broke it in 3 different places. As bad as this whole ordeal was, I am seriously so thankful I had my helmet on and that was my only injury! If I hadn’t been wearing it, it could have been so much worse, especially knowing that I did hit my head on the hard ground that day. My injury did require surgery but I’m thankful it was only for my ankle and not my head or neck. Thank you Troxel for making such great products!- Courtney L


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It’s no joke...wearing a helmet saves lives

In August my horse tripped and fell. The only reason I am alive today is because I had on a helmet, which cracked during impact. I was still hospitalized in ICU for 7 days. It’s no joke...wearing a helmet saves lives....Troxel saved mine!!!
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Out of the Blue

Hello. I had a riding accident on May 7, 2018. A horse I had put 6 weeks of riding on bucked me off. Out of the blue. I would never have expected this. My helmet saved my head. I have no doubt it saved my life, and at the very minimum, saved the QUALITY of my...
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Close Call.....

I just replaced my first Troxel because of a close call! Thank goodness my head did NOT hit the ground. But I sure did sustain some bruising and swelling in my hands and fingers. The horse got spooked as we were weaving between poles during a lesson. Time stood still momentarily as we tried to figure out what had happened!...
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Another great save!

Another great save by Troxel. . . . my daughter got her horse to close to the fence and her horse's leg went between one of the fence wires. They both went down. Her noggin was just fine as she had her helmet on. Her foot needed some extensive surgery for the 8 dislocated breaks. Her foot will heal; brains don't always...
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Setting an Example in Rodeo- Meet Macy Obringer

Photo Credit Lauren Maeve PhotographyMacy Obringer is a Freshman and current homeschool student through Grace Brethren High School in Simi Valley, CA. She is a member of the National High School Rodeo Association and competes in the California High School Rodeo Association with District 7. This is her first year competing in rodeo and her third...
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She Flipped Forward Over The Horse

My 12 year old daughter was at a riding lesson yesterday and her usually rock solid horse spooked. She flipped forward over the horses head about 7 feet in the air and fell directly on her head. One ambulance ride, x-rays, CT scan and a concussion evaluation later she was completely fine- just a sprained neck. I am so thankful for...
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I Went Flying

Hi my name is Bela. October 2017 I was thrown from my mare Willow, I have had a few falls but this one was not one of my best. We were out riding and to say the least she is a tad on the barn sour side, so because of that reason she likes to try to get me off...
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I Never Even Got On

Never even got on. . . I was mounting my 21 year old thoroughbred whom I have owned for 18 years.   Normally he is rock solid for mounting but today something spooked him and he bolted with me half on.   I was thrown backward landing on my head and back. Other then numerous bruises, scrapes, and a slight headache I got up...
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It Took Me 5 Years To Ride Again

HiIn June 2008, I met this girl who wanted help with her 5 year old quarter horse. I was evaluating him for her. She was in the middle of the arena as I walked and talked around her. I asked if he could canter, she said yes. I asked him a few time to canter. He finally started but than...
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