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Helmet Fitting Guide

Troxel Helmet Size Guide

Fit your helmet in 3 easy steps


  1. Open the DialFit™ if the helmet comes with this feature.

  2. Try on the helmet. It should fit snug but not be uncomfortable.

STEP 2: Adjust

  1. Adjust the inner padding by folding under the FlipFold™ tabs for more or less cushion.

  2. Adjust the slide glides on the straps to sit underneath your ears to form a “V“.

  3. Adjust the length of the retention system straps to fit snug under your jaw and use the o-rings to secure the excess.

  4. To fine tune your fit, engage the DialFit™ or adjust the slider on the elastic bands of the SureFit™.

Helmet Fit

STEP 3: Check

With your helmet level on your head, check the fit and straps and make sure the buckle is locked securely.

Helmet Check

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Troxel Helmets Size Guide
Troxel Helmets Fit Guide
Tips for finding the helmet meant for you

You’ve made the smart choice to wear a certified helmet when you ride. The next step is to make sure it’s the right helmet for you – not your best friend, or your sister or brother.