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It Took Me 5 Years To Ride Again


In June 2008, I met this girl who wanted help with her 5 year old quarter horse. I was evaluating him for her. She was in the middle of the arena as I walked and talked around her. I asked if he could canter, she said yes. I asked him a few time to canter. He finally started but than went into the most out of control buck. I lost my reins and knew I need to get off him. I flew off and landed on my back with my arms to brace me. Well, I snapped my right arm backwards. I brought it back to me and told her to call an ambulance. 

I ended up 2 weeks in the hospital, 7 surgerys (every other day). My right elbow had to be reconstructed with metal and bone from my hip. I lost a 1 in piece of bone in the arena from the fall. I also broke my right wrist and most of my ribs on my right side. 

No head trauma thanks to my helmet! I am so fortunate. 

It took me 5 years to ride again. But now we have a little horse farm of our own and I am doing good. I still take it slow. My main focus is on my 9 year old daughter and 4h. She is always in a helmet. My scars are a visible reminder to what can happen. We talk about safety often. 

Below are some pictures of the progress through the hospital (I have more but they are to graphic of my injury), X-rays and one of this year with my daughter and her pony. 

Thank you for letting me share

 Nicole C.

nicole headsmart testimonial

nicole in hospital

nicole and riders

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