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I Went Flying

Hi my name is Bela. October 2017 I was thrown from my mare Willow, I have had a few falls but this one was not one of my best. We were out riding and to say the least she is a tad on the barn sour side, so because of that reason she likes to try to get me off of her so she can run home to the other horse. And this time she succeeded. She started bucking, and after I got her moving she was good, we weren't to far down the trail when she really decided to buck, me not being as prepared as I should have been went back to try and keep my seat but it didn't work, I went flying over her head and straight to the ground!

All I remember is I landed flat on my back and hitting my head on a big rock, I jumped up because I thought she would try to run over me. In the end I came out with a hurting buck, sprained wrist, and quite the head ache. I could have had a concussion or worse! Thank you troxel for saving my head!!

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