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Any Troxel helmet found to be defective in materials and/or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced at the option of the manufacturer free of charge when received at the factory, freight prepaid. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the helmet and his or her household members. Any modifications made by the user will render the warranty null and void. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, and any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose created hereby are limited to the same duration as the express warranty herein. Troxel shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages in connection with the purchase, use or handling of the helmet. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Troxel does not warrant that proper use of this product will protect from serious injury or death.

See the Troxel Owner's Manual for more information.   

Note: Normal wear of components is not covered by the repair/replace portion of this warranty. Damage to the helmet due to misuse or dropping the helmet is not covered by the repair/replace portion of this warranty.

Painting and Stickering Helmets: We strongly advise against painting, stickering, applying crystals to, or otherwise modifying a helmet because all of these modifications can damage the helmet and/or reduce its protective capabilities.

In addition, dry-cleaning, cleaning solvents, chemicals, paint, heat or bug sprays may affect the helmet’s integrity or performance.

Troxel branded, helmet covers, headliners and other Troxel accessories can be used on Troxel helmets and not interfere with the ASTM standard, so long as the user instructions are followed.

All other modifications void Troxel’s warranty and may affect the helmet’s protective capabilities. 

All active gear will suffer from differing degrees of normal wear-and-tear, depending upon the user. Equestrian helmets used by a rider 150 days a year will by comparison, wear faster than gear used by a weekend rider. By taking care of your Troxel helmet you will ensure a longer lifespan for your product. However, due to evolving helmet standards, technologies and the potential for unseen material deterioration, it is recommended that you replace your helmet at least every five years from the date of purchase. Those who ride often should replace their helmet more often. Any Troxel helmets involved in an accident should be replaced immediately. Your helmet is only designed for one impact event.

To replace a defective helmet under the One-Year Warranty send the following:

  • Defective helmet
  • Original or copy of receipt (okay to omit if having previously registered online)
  • Signed and dated letter describing the defect
  • Name, return address and phone

 Troxel cannot ship to a PO Box. You must supply a physical address.

If you are located in Canada, please contact the authorized Troxel Dealer or Distributor where you made your original helmet purchase and they'll be happy to assist you.

Ship complete package to:
Troxel LLC
Attn: Manufacturer's Warranty
7540 CR 201
Millersburg, OH 44654