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About Us

Troxel is the world's leading provider of ASTM / SEI certified equestrian helmets, having provided over four million helmets to the equestrian market. Established in 1898, Troxel is recognized for its innovative design and physician-developed helmet research leadership.

Why Troxel?

  1. Pioneers - Troxel was the first to develop a light-weight vented ASTM approved equestrian helmet. Troxel’s history of innovation includes these firsts in the equestrian market:

  2. Physician Developed - Troxel is the only physician-developed equestrian helmet line.
    Since 1992, Troxel has been providing USA leadership toward reducing equestrian related head injuries and deaths. Dr. Timms' background as a specialist in critical care, and as a research professor at The Scripps Institute and University of California, provides the foundation for Troxel's advanced research and innovative products.

  3. Dr. Timms has served on the board of the National Brain Injury Association, and was an expert consultant to the State of California Department of Public Health on all injury monitoring and prevention efforts. Today, Dr. Timms is a member of the ASTM committee on head protection and personally directs Troxel's research and development efforts.

  4. Comprehensive - Troxel offers helmets and accessories to all riders, English and Western alike.

  5. After producing superior English styled helmets for some years, and studying statistics on horse related head injuries, Troxel realized that the number of people using helmets in Western and Trail riding was significantly lower.

  6. Troxel is the first company to put their research and development team to work for Western and Trail riders. With the introduction of the Dakota "All Trials" helmet, Troxel was the first to offer helmets to the Trail & Western rider. Troxel is still the only helmet manufacturer supporting all equestrian disciplines with a comprehensive line of safety helmets.

A History of Firsts