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I Was Out For a Lovely Trail Ride

On Friday, June 16, I was out for a lovely trail ride on my horse near Arlington, WA. While trotting along at a quick pace, my horse suddenly spooked and dodged to the left, while I kept going forward. As I flew over his shoulder, my body twisted and I landed hard on my back, followed by my head slamming into the ground. I didn’t lose consciousness but it took a good 10-15 minutes before the world made sense again.

Thankfully, I was wearing my Troxel Liberty helmet. Until I purchased the Liberty in March 2015, I rarely wore a helmet. I didn’t like my old helmet… it was uncomfortable and always seemed to end up tilted sideways. However, I wore my Liberty helmet religiously and I’m ever so glad now! I suffered a mild concussion instead of serious brain trauma. I’ll be purchasing a new helmet again in the next few days and should be back in the saddle within a couple weeks. Thanks for making a helmet that I wanted to wear – it saved me from a far worse head injury!

-Kris Olsen
Mill Creek, WA

(The photo is from March 2015 wearing the brand new Troxel Liberty, right out of the box, that ended up saving me)

Kris Olsen

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