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Why Do You Ride with Troxel? - Testimonials - Troxel Helmets

It Would Have Ended a Lot Worse

I never was really a helmet person until I started my young horse... Now, I'm glad I wear one with him...
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She was Saved by Her Sunflower Helmet

Makayla Maddie, 14-year-old and WPRA JR in the 2021 standings right now, fell off her horse Friday night in Ocala, FL. She was saved by her sunflower helmet!

The very next night she got right back on the same horse and made a fast run just tipping the first clocking a 14.260! Proud mom moment!

I am confident she would have been in the hospital if she was not wearing a helmet. She had an equipment malfunction with her cinch and the saddle loosened. You never know when something like that is going to happen.

She asked me to share with Troxel to bring awareness to the sport of barrel racing. So many in our beloved western sport do not wear a helmet. Maybe her video might save someone’s head!

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Her Horse Tripped and Fell

My 12 yr old daughter Macie Fouraker and her horse Sassy this past Friday night 9/25 in Jacksonville Fl @ the NBHA Shamrock Showdown..her horse tripped and fell on her...she was unconscious for 5 to 7 mins...rescue took her to Wolfson's Childrens Hospital she has a severe concussion..the doctors and neurologists have assured us her helmet may have saved her life! We are so grateful that we have always made her wear a helmet! We really want to share with everyone how important it is! The doctors have said it's a miracle my daughter was not injured worse! Thank you for making a great helmet & we will always use troxel helmets & believe in your product!

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My Horse Galloped Away

"Today I was riding my mare Chicka. She cantered out of the arena and down a steep hill with loads of broken ground.

She bucked and I fell off landing head first on rock heard dirt. I’m so, so thankful that I was wearing my Troxel helmet, it is what saved me today.

My horse galloped away after and I was blacked out but it could have been so much worse if I was not wearing that helmet." -Riley

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I Was Clinically Pronounced Unresponsive

Here's why I wear a helmet. My day started out like many have. I took my oldest son to school. Housework was done. I decided I was going to take my big guy (18.2h Percheron) out for a little ride in the lot before I had to go pick my son up from school.

My husband (3rd shifter), asleep on the couch, that was his Friday thing so he could take on "human hours" on the weekend. I laid my one-year-old down for his daily nap and out to the barn I went.

There was snow on the ground, normal for January in Indiana. Got my big guy all tacked up, and walked to the lot. A bit of a challenge getting up on him standing 18.2h and I standing 5'5", but up I went. No, I didn't have a helmet on, never used one with all the horses I've owned, didn't even have one.

The last I remembered, he and I were headed back to the side of the lot, where I could see my husband watching from the window. Next, I remember waking up, neck brace on, secured to a hospital bed. My husband looking at me, I was so confused.

He told me that I had had an accident. My first reaction was somebody blew the turn in a vehicle, hitting us, and that had to be what happened... "Oh my god!!! Is Hank (big guy)...Is he okay???" He reassured me he was fine. That he had been watching me through the window and was intending to come out and watch me ride, but that he wanted to listen for our youngest to make sure he wasn't waking up. Then he saw Hank standing over my unconscious body.

An ambulance and helicopter. I was clinically pronounced "unresponsive" for over 8 hours. A week in the hospital, and 2 weeks in rehab, regaining short-term memory, and for the world to stop spinning.

No, I haven't given up riding, I just always wear a helmet, and no I'm not 100%, my incident has left me with 3rd nerve palsy (can't look up without moving my head). And an understanding that it happens and it's not if...it's when..cause it only takes one time to mess up your world.

horse riding accident

horse riding accident

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It Was Split In Half

About 19 years ago, I didn't wear helmets, only when truly needed. One of our foals I was training was noted to buck whenever he wanted. He is one I always wore a helmet with, he threw me in the middle of 30 cows, and a few other times. The main point of this post.

One day my dad said enter him in a gymkhana and let him run, I did, he bucked so hard there was no way to stay on. I woke up in the hospital, the doctor brought me my helmet to say you were very lucky you were wearing this helmet. It was split in half. After that no matter what horse I am on, I wear a helmet. That geldings sister is my main mount and trust her with my life, BUT I always wear my helmet

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She Has Never Tried Anything Crazy

I took my horse out, she is green broke but a good girl and has never ever tried anything crazy with me. We decided to attempt a trail ride for the 1st time ever, wasn't alone.

Something spooked her, probably a wild turkey I'm guessing and she bolted. She usually listens well to a one rein stop, however, this time she wasn't. She ran all the way back to the barn full-speed then went to turn into the barn but the doors were closed. She turned quickly and I decided at that point I needed to bail because I felt myself losing my balance and didn't want to end up under her or foot caught in a stirrup.

I landed on my side and hit my head pretty hard but thankfully, I had my helmet on and it took the full impact. I had a bruised hip but my head was perfectly fine. Also, my horse was OK also.

broken helmet after equestrian accident

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A Concussion and Two Black Eyes

A bad accident (over my horses head hitting the ground forehead first) many years ago left me with a concussion 2 black eyes and no broken bones. I am alive because I wore my Troxel helmet. —Emily
horseback riding after accident with two black eyes and concussion
horseback rider happily sharing a selfie on the trail
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I Got Another Sunrise

I was on a training ride (endurance ) with friends. I don't remember the 4 days before or 2 weeks after.

Kangaroo hut the back legs of the young mare I was riding, it was being chased by an ENORMOUS black mini ... like 38inches tall.

She panicked, grabbed the bit and took off down the driveway. Solid steel post n rail.
The girls told me I looked to be trying everything to stop her as at the end of the driveway was a 15ft drop into barb wire fencing.

Lent forward grabbed the bit, She stopped, panicked bucked, I sat 3, She headbutted me on the last. Fell between horse and reins, unconscious. Hung up in reins. She stomped on my head trying to get off me. 4x. Eventually untangled. The only reason I'm here is I was face down in a pothole and my helmet. I get another sunrise.

-Rae N.

 troxel helmet after equestrian accident

troxel helmet after equestrian accident

family photo featuring survivor of equestrian accident


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My Helmet Literally Saved My Life

My helmet literally saved my life. I was in a Troxel when my OTTB took off and took a sharp turn at the gallop and threw me through a paddock fence. The fence was broken by my head and my helmet was cracked all the way through on the back. That would have been my head and my brains on the ground. I’m so thankful for my helmet!


broken troxel helmet after accidentbroken troxel helmet after accident

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My Daughter Is Very Lucky

My daughter is very lucky. She was getting on one of our horses who was still a bit green. I had been riding the horse for about a year and she was doing good my daughter wanted to start riding her so I said ok to it. The horse was just fine for saddling and brushing standing quietly than my daughter went to get on the horse flipped over on top of her and landed on her head she always puts her helmet on and thankfully she does. Doctors told us without the helmet it could have been much worse than just a headache.

-Brandy V

broken troxel helmet after accident

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The Worst Experience Of My Life

I was running in the youth and my normally sure-footed horse stumbled and fell with me. When he fell, my head hit so hard that it broke the back of my helmet!

Definitely the worst experience of my life. very thankful for my helmet ensuring that I didn’t obtain a concussion from this.


horseback rider entering a dirt ring

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