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  • May 26, 2017

Wearing A Helmet Has Become The New Norm

In October 2016 I went to a barrel race and been having trouble with a new horse that I had. I went in for a trainer run and he didn't trim the first barrel. I am not really sure what happened because still to this day I can't remember, all I have is a video to watch. He flipped over...

  • May 26, 2017

Good Choice, Dad

I am a 59 year old barrel racer that has been wearing a helmet for around 12 years.  I am from Ontario Canada and I do believe I was one of the first adults that started wearing one. I firmly believe we ride the fastest horses in a short distance and should certainly be wearing head protection.  We are the...

  • May 26, 2017

The Scariest Moment of My Life

A major event in my life, that was very significant to me is how my sister saved my life on August 11th, 2010. It started out with a “Come on, last show before school starts, don’t take pictures, for once have fun,” from my twin sister, Ricki. She was trying to convince me to go to a “Fluffy Fuzz” show,...

  • May 26, 2017

The Ground Was Pretty Slippery

Just wanted to Thank Troxel for saving my life. I was at a barrel race and the ground was pretty slippery. Me and my horse went to turn the second barrel and his feet slipped right out from under him. I went off with my head breaking the fall. The second I hit I had the most excruciating pain and...

  • May 26, 2017

Helmets Save Lives

This story isn't about me, but one of my friends. My friend went out for a normal trail ride. She was riding bareback, and she was riding with one of my other friends. I would have been riding with them, but I had to clean tack instead. My two friends were very experienced riders, but I didn't know they would...