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Helmet Certifications

Since 1992, Troxel has been providing USA leadership toward reducing equestrian related head injuries and deaths. Troxel is the world's leading provider of certified helmets for performance, schooling and recreational riding. Located in San Diego, California, Troxel has proven its unique public health dedication by offering only ASTM approved equestrian helmets.

At the core of this innovation is Dr. Richard Timms, the founder of Troxel’s equestrian business and benevolent chairman. Troxel is the only physician-owned equestrian helmet manufacturer and Dr. Timms’ influence has been significant. His background as a specialist in critical care at the University of California and as a research professor at The Scripps Institute provided the foundation for Troxel's advanced research and innovative products.

“Interestingly, equestrian helmets are one of the most effective injury prevention products on a per-minute-of-use basis over all that I have studied.” – Richard Timms, Troxel Chairman.

Dr. Timms has served on the board of the National Brain Injury Association, and was an expert consultant to the State of California Department of Public Health on all injury monitoring and prevention efforts. Today, Dr. Timms is a member of the ASTM committee on head protection and personally directs Troxel's research and development efforts.

A certified equestrian helmet is the smartest way to protect yourself while riding. While no helmet will prevent all injuries, you’re far less likely to suffer a serious head injury if you’re wearing a helmet with ASTM / SEI certification.

Equestrian helmets are designed with one main goal, to protect your head and brain when you fall. The shock-absorbing liners inside take much of the head impact that comes from being thrown off a horse.

The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), is an organization that certifies protective equipment for a variety of industries. ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is one of the world’s most respected standards organizations, setting standards for everything from curing of concrete to hotness of red peppers to protective headgear. For equestrian helmets, SEI has selected the ASTM standard F1163 to evaluate helmet performance. SEI requires testing at an independent lab to the F1163 ASTM standard. All Troxel helmets are SEI / ASTM certified. Download more here.

Certain sports use different standards, for example Polo and Bull Riding. Standardbred Racing requires helmets made to the Snell Standard.

ASTM/SEI helmets contain their date of manufacture and the SEI seal under the headliner inside the helmet. You may also visit the SEI website to view a listing of SEI certified helmets.

Troxel recommends replacing your equestrian helmet every five years, or whenever the helmet takes a hard blow. Equestrian helmets are made for one impact only. Even if you don’t see any damage, the area of the helmet where impact occurred could have been compromised.

Helmets involved in an accident may be replaced for a fee within two years from the helmet date of purchase.

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