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Troxel is the world's leading provider of ASTM / SEI certified equestrian helmets, having provided over four million helmets to the equestrian market. Established in 1898, Troxel is recognized for its innovative design and physician-developed helmet research leadership. With helmets first designed for schooling then show, trail and now specifically for western riders, Troxel continues to create what riders demand. Troxel truly is performance headgear for the equestrian athlete.

Fit & Comfort

Troxel helmets are engineered to provide a secure yet comfortable fit for long days in the saddle.

SEI Certified

Troxel invented the modern lightweight equestrian safety helmet. Every helmet we make is SEI certified.


Our helmets are designed not only to protect, but to look great while doing so. A close silhouette fit and discipline-specific styles complete the look.

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Kicks, Falls & Other Close Calls

Accidents happen, but helmets can help. Hear real stories from Troxel Helmet owners.

Headsmart Testimonials