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Why Do You Ride with Troxel? - Testimonials - Troxel Helmets

We Were So Lucky

My daughter was in an accident in December. She was coming into the first barrel and she checked her horse, but he was coming in too fast. He bounced and they lost their rhythm, but when they did she went flying. Her humerus hit the swells and was broken immediately, her chin hit the saddle horn, she bit through her...
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I'm So Glad I Was Wearing a Helmet

Hi, my name is Jessica, I had a riding accident in November 2015. I got on a horse who was normally quiet and who I knew well. Part way through my ride the horse tied up and flipped out going crazy. I was catapulted about 2 meters in the air off a nearly 18hh horse and came done head first...
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I Was In The Hospital For 3 Weeks

This is what my Troxel helmet looked like after I was thrown from my horse back in February of 2015. The deep scratches would have been against my head had I not had the helmet on, not to mention the cushioning of the helmet that saved my head from impact when my head hit the ground. I was in the...
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I Was Out For a Lovely Trail Ride

On Friday, June 16, I was out for a lovely trail ride on my horse near Arlington, WA. While trotting along at a quick pace, my horse suddenly spooked and dodged to the left, while I kept going forward. As I flew over his shoulder, my body twisted and I landed hard on my back, followed by my head slamming...
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My Riding Accident & My Journey Back to Confidence

(Photo Credit: Robert E Wilson)(NOTE: This testimonial is adapted from a Facebook note originally published Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  This rider asked us to share her story on our Headsmart Testimonials in hopes that it would encourage more riders to...
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Our Brains Are Too Important

I grew up eventing and always wore a helmet but then transitioned to western disciplines as an adult and stopped wearing one—foolish, I know. My daughter started riding at age 6 and our rule was always “no helmet, no ride”. That was fine until about age 9 when she asked me “If my head is so important, why isn’t yours?”...
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My Troxel Helmet Saved My Head

I had an accident while in Utah in which my Troxel Helmet saved my head from life-threatening trauma. My group was riding with an Outfitter in Tropic, Utah when we came to a treacherous area of the trail. The Outfitter had us send the Mules and horses alone across the questionable area. Each rider then followed his/her mount. I was hiking...
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Wearing A Helmet Has Become The New Norm

In October 2016 I went to a barrel race and been having trouble with a new horse that I had. I went in for a trainer run and he didn't trim the first barrel. I am not really sure what happened because still to this day I can't remember, all I have is a video to watch. He flipped over on...
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Good Choice, Dad

I am a 59 year old barrel racer that has been wearing a helmet for around 12 years.  I am from Ontario Canada and I do believe I was one of the first adults that started wearing one. I firmly believe we ride the fastest horses in a short distance and should certainly be wearing head protection.  We are the only...
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The Ground Was Pretty Slippery

Just wanted to Thank Troxel for saving my life. I was at a barrel race and the ground was pretty slippery. Me and my horse went to turn the second barrel and his feet slipped right out from under him. I went off with my head breaking the fall. The second I hit I had the most excruciating pain and...
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Helmets Save Lives

This story isn't about me, but one of my friends. My friend went out for a normal trail ride. She was riding bareback, and she was riding with one of my other friends. I would have been riding with them, but I had to clean tack instead. My two friends were very experienced riders, but I didn't know they would...
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I Lost My Balance

I went out by myself on a trail ride and was trotting my boy down the canal bank which I do often. I have had my gelding for 11 years and he and I know each other well. He spooked a little when some birds flew out of some bushes and for some reason I lost my balance, fell, and...
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