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Why Do You Ride with Troxel?

a person riding a horse

Share your story with us! We’d love to hear why you made the decision to ride with a Troxel helmet, whether due to a previous injury or simply to feel confident in having a safer and more comfortable ride.

Make sure to share a photo to be featured on our social media channels and blog!

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This Story Could Have Had A Very Different Ending

This happened over 20 years ago with my mare, Rose. I had her all tacked up and was ready to mount when I realized I'd forgotten my helmet in the car. Really! All the way on the other side of the arena and barn was the parking lot. With the, "Every Ride, Every Time" mantra going through my head, I got somebody to hold her while I ran to get my helmet. I strapped it on and led Rose to the mounting block. She stood perfectly still while I put my foot in the stirrup. Imagine how surprised we both were when the stirrup leather snapped!

My saddle had been cleaned and sitting in the tack room; it had only been three weeks since I'd used it last. How did this happen! I fell right on my back, hitting the back of my head hard on the clay ground. Rose jumped out of the way but luckily didn't get me. I'm always so careful with my tack, but this just goes to show, you just never know. I was probably a little sore, of course, but no damage. I'm so glad I took the time to go back and get my helmet from my car or this story could have had a different ending.

Trina Houser
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My Head Bounced Off The Ground

I foolishly thought my saddle was "tight enough", after turning the 2nd barrel,  that wasn't the case.  Heading to the third I was trying to straighten it out, my horse got confused and upset, I hit the ground, thank God for my Troxel!

-Carolyn Sansoucy

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All I Felt Was Pain

Dear Troxel,

Yesterday me and my horse Belle were practicing a barrel pattern for the county fair we were supposed to run in this Saturday. She is already a very fast horse and we were at a full-on canter.

She slipped on some mud and we both went down and she fell on top of me. Now I completely blacked out and I remember all I felt was pain in my head and later on I learned that my head hit the ground first then the rest of us hit.

I have a closed head injury, a neck sprain, and a chest contusion. If I didn’t have this helmet then I definitely would be in a lot worse shape or maybe even dead. I am so happy I picked this helmet and it will be the next helmet I buy when I am well enough to get back on.

Thank you,

helmet fall
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Helmet Versus Tree

I was riding in the mountains with my two girlfriends 2.5 months ago. We were galloping and Jaxon my horse decided at the last second to avoid a puddle, caught the edge of it, slipped and I hit a tree.

After I hit the ground and finally got my bearings back I knew it wasn’t good. I told my one girlfriend to ride for help as we had no reception and the other to catch my horse. We were about 6km from the parking lot at this point.

I knew my left hand was broken and my right shoulder wasn’t where it was supposed to be. On top of it all, I had blood rushing down my face as I had cut over half my eyelid open. When my girlfriend came back with my horse I realized there was no way I was getting back on as both arms were pooched. So I said to her, I need to start moving or I’m going to pass out and who knew how long before rescue would find me.

So I managed to walk for 1.5 hours down the mountain to where the ambulance was waiting for me. The rescue team was still searching.

Damage = shattered left wrist into many pieces, put back together with a plate and many screws along with completely ripped tendons and ligaments that needed reattaching. Dislocated shoulder along with complete separation and a ripped eyelid that needed some stitches.

Helmet versus tree: tree won, helmet cracked. 100% guarantee that without the helmet and how hard I hit that tree, I would not be here today! Now I need a new helmet!


helmet versus tree

helmet versus tree

helmet versus tree

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I Was Dragged 250 Feet

Seeing everyone’s story makes me want to share mine. Toxel helmets saved my life.

My mom asked me to start wearing one after years of not riding with one. I happily obliged. Thank god I did. Not even six months later my horse went down around third barrel. He rolled down almost over me as my head slammed into the ground. From there he got up panicked and started running home. Unlucky for me my foot was pinned against my saddle in my stirrup and I was dragged roughly 250 feet.

I was kicked in the head about six times. My helmet only had a slight crack. When the medic got to me he flat out said had I not had my helmet on, he probably wouldn’t be taking to me. Now I refuse to ride without one. It was a freak accident and just showed me you never know when it’ll happen.

Alex Hall

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I Was Bucked Five Feet In The Air

Thank you Troxel for saving my brain! Bucked 5 feet in the air and landed on my back, hitting my head hard enough to put that 5 inch crack in my helmet. Nothing but a massive hematoma on my fanny and a mild concussion! Just replaced this life saver with another one just like it. Thank you Troxel ♡

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My Troxel Helmet Was Split In Two

Several years ago, I was getting on my 16 hand walking horse. He was fine to saddle, but he started to side step away from me as soon as I was swinging my leg over. As soon as I sat on him he started to buck!! I came off.

I swear I never hit my head, but my Troxel helmet was split in two. I wish I could send a picture of it to you, but as a trauma nurse I donated it to our safety program. Encouraging all riders to wear a helmet. Every ride every time! Thank you for such a great product and saving me from a traumatic brain injury!

Deb Platt, RN

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I Only Got A Concussion

Dear Troxel Company,

A little while ago, I fell off a sprinting horse and fortunately, I only got a concussion. During that accident, I was wearing one of your Fallon Taylor Troxel helmets, which really saved my life. If I hadn't worn that helmet, I could of broken my skull, or maybe even died! If it's even possible, I would give these helmets a 10 star rating!

Thanks to your helmet, I didn't get badly injured. From now on, I will always buy your helmets.

Thank you,

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I Came Off At Full Gallop

full gallop

I am so thankful for Troxel helmets! Last year I was riding my barrel horse down the chute and realized she was going too fast to make the turn. I asked her to slow, she dodged just slightly to the right and I came off her left side. I came off at full gallop. I landed butt first with my back and head following. My head hit pretty hard, and I’m not sure how bad it would have been had I not been wearing my helmet!

Thank you!

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I Would've Died On Impact

On August 26th, 2018 at 9:30 am my horse, Valentine, and I had an awful accident. That morning I decided to go out on a trail ride since I had been doing a lot of speed control in the round pen with him and we were both tired of it. 

I live in Vegas, so our trails aren't the best unless you're in the mountains, so most times I'm riding on a narrow dirt path near a road. This is a good time to note that not too long before this we had gotten his front shod.

All was great until we were nearing the end of our ride. We were trotting at a fairly fast pace but since we had two oncoming cars I wanted to wait to canter. (Note: He's ridden next to many cars at all different speeds but I wanted to make sure the closet car passed).

Once one passed I let him canter. At this time he began to veer towards the road, headed directly towards an oncoming car. I pulled back as much as I could on my hackamore and leaned back. He wasn't stopping nor was he slowing down. So I prepared to run into the car, which had stopped and pulled over at this point, but instead at about two strides I heard his shoes slip. And in slow motion we went down. He landed on top of me and we slid for 5 feet. Once we stopped he got up and walked off. I don't blame him, I would've too.

Lots of people helped me. One even went off and found him then brought him back. I was rushed to the hospital and found I had a spiral fracture down my lower left leg, basically creating 3 breaks. I had mild traumatic brain trauma, and severe whiplash. If I would've landed an inch differently I could've shattered my back/ pelvis. The only thing that saved my life that day was my helmet.

The doctors in the ER had said if I had forgotten it, I would've died on impact. No doubt. I was very very lucky that day. I now have a rod and 2 screws in my leg. And an even bigger love for Troxel. The only helmet brand I will trust with my life. I still have my helmet. Funny enough, it has very little damage to it. I will no longer use it, however. I have gotten another Troxel helmet (the black one pictured) but that periwinkle helmet will always have the golden stool.

Thank you Troxel, without you I would've died at only 16. Your brand let me see my 17th birthday.

Tiana Morin

periwinkle helmet

rebel rose helmet

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Thank You For Making Helmets That Keep Me Alive

I just wanted to say that I got a Troxel Helmet about a year ago. It's very comfortable for a helmet. Today it saved my life. My horse and I ended up in a mix with a few vicious LOOSE dogs and I ended up on the ground.

According to people who came out to help I had rolled about 6 times, and I was out for a good 15 minutes. Your helmet may not have kept me from being knocked out, but it kept me from something worse, and I hit hard enough for the helmet to crack. So yeah, now I'll have to buy a new helmet, but I thank you guys for making helmets and keeping me alive. I credit your helmet for that and so does everyone else."

-Amanda K. Hawks

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He Tried To Avoid Stepping On Me

spit helmet interior

Your helmet saved me yesterday! I was riding my barrel horse and had just started him back after him recovering from an injury. I was taking a riding lesson and about 40 minutes in we were just walking him along the rail and he kept looking at my coach and kind of like stepping away from her so jokingly she kind of jumped. Well he did a 180 and started jumping in the air and bucking all four feet up off the ground as high as the fence!

After a little bit, I fell off the left side but my right foot was caught in my stirrup. When it finally let go I remember looking up and my horse jumping in the air and all of his hooves coming towards me. He tried to avoid stepping on me but caught my left arm, left knee and my head. I’m lucky it didn’t end so much worse.

After I saw the exterior of my helmet was popping off a little, I pulled it off the rest of the way to take a peek at the interior [pictured].

This is the second wreck I have had that one of your helmets have saved me! A few years back I was bucked off into a round pen panned and split my helmet open! I wish people really understood the importance of wearing helmets. I am going to bring the helmet with me to some 4-H meetings to show the importance of wearing a helmet. 

—Emily Queen


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