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My Troxel Helmet Saved My Head

I had an accident while in Utah in which my Troxel Helmet saved my head from life-threatening trauma.

My group was riding with an Outfitter in Tropic, Utah when we came to a treacherous area of the trail. The Outfitter had us send the Mules and horses alone across the questionable area. Each rider then followed his/her mount. I was hiking along the trail, that had a steep ravine on my right-hand side while holding onto a small branch protruding from the steep Rock formation. The branch pulled away from the formation and I slid, while gravity pulled me toward the ravine. My body rolled, came to a large, flat rock whereas my body did a backward somersault. Then, I slid on my back continuing downward while my head, in the helmet, bounced along downward. Finally, I came to a stop between two boulders.

I am convinced that my Troxel Riding Helmet, not only protected my head from trauma but acted as a shock absorber to my neck and back. I came out of this traumatic event with no head injuries nor any broken bones.

I implore every equestrian to wear a helmet for his/her life's sake.

This is my testimony!

Carol Basso

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