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They Were At A Canter When He Spooked

Last night, my 9 year old daughter fell from her lesson pony who had spooked. She's ridden this pony for three years and both know each other well, but accidents happen. They were at a canter when he spooked. Her head and back hit directly on a wood fence post before she hit the ground. She couldn't feel or move her legs. We called 911 and rushed to the ER. She regained feeling and movement, thank God!

She's home now, very sore and has a concussion, but alive and mobile!! The doctor said that by looking at point of impact on her helmet, she would have hit the fence post at her temple, very likely killing her, if she hadn't been wearing the helmet! So thank you, Troxel, for playing a role in saving my child's life!!!

Blessings to you,
Christina C.


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Headsmart Testimonials

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