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Helmets Save Lives

This story isn't about me, but one of my friends. My friend went out for a normal trail ride. She was riding bareback, and she was riding with one of my other friends. I would have been riding with them, but I had to clean tack instead. My two friends were very experienced riders, but I didn't know they would be as stupid as they were that day. On their trail ride, they decided to bring no water, phones, and most importantly... helmets. Our instructor always has us wear a helmet, but she wasn't at the barn that day, and my friends (the most trustworthy people I've seen) didn't listen to everything she had told us about helmet safety.

Anyway, a bird flew out of a bush and one of my friend's horse spooked. She fell off and her head hit the ground first. My other friend's horse spooked as well, and she also fell off. Both horses took off for home, and my friends were left stranded. I was the one who first saw their horses running back. I grabbed their horses and then got a few other boarders to ride out with me to find them. It was very difficult to find my friend (the one who fell off first) lying on the ground with what seemed to be a snapped neck. My other friend was sitting next to her, crying. 

Fast forward a few hours, the friend who was unconscious passed away and had several injuries to the head, brain and neck. My other friend had a mild concussion, but she was fine. When my instructor found out, well, it wasn't pretty. I lost one of my best friends that day because she was too stupid to not wear a helmet. My other friend got lucky, and since then she has always worn a helmet. I never leave the barn without my Troxel helmet and I tell their story to everyone who questions the importance of a helmet. If my friend had been wearing a helmet, she could have lived. I fell off my horse about a year after, and if it weren't for my Fallon Taylor Troxel helmet, I would've died.

Anyone who reads this should know to always wear a helmet. I miss my friend a ton, but I can't help saying that she should've worn a helmet. Helmets save lives, and even if you just turn out your horse, you should be wearing a helmet because they could kick you in the head. ALWAYS wear a helmet, and never go without, even if you think you'll be fine. Because even the most experienced riders could get hurt without a helmet. 

Mackenzie W.

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