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I Was Dragged 250 Feet

Seeing everyone’s story makes me want to share mine. Toxel helmets saved my life.

My mom asked me to start wearing one after years of not riding with one. I happily obliged. Thank god I did. Not even six months later my horse went down around third barrel. He rolled down almost over me as my head slammed into the ground. From there he got up panicked and started running home. Unlucky for me my foot was pinned against my saddle in my stirrup and I was dragged roughly 250 feet.

I was kicked in the head about six times. My helmet only had a slight crack. When the medic got to me he flat out said had I not had my helmet on, he probably wouldn’t be taking to me. Now I refuse to ride without one. It was a freak accident and just showed me you never know when it’ll happen.

Alex Hall

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