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He Tried To Avoid Stepping On Me

spit helmet interior

Your helmet saved me yesterday! I was riding my barrel horse and had just started him back after him recovering from an injury. I was taking a riding lesson and about 40 minutes in we were just walking him along the rail and he kept looking at my coach and kind of like stepping away from her so jokingly she kind of jumped. Well he did a 180 and started jumping in the air and bucking all four feet up off the ground as high as the fence!

After a little bit, I fell off the left side but my right foot was caught in my stirrup. When it finally let go I remember looking up and my horse jumping in the air and all of his hooves coming towards me. He tried to avoid stepping on me but caught my left arm, left knee and my head. I’m lucky it didn’t end so much worse.

After I saw the exterior of my helmet was popping off a little, I pulled it off the rest of the way to take a peek at the interior [pictured].

This is the second wreck I have had that one of your helmets have saved me! A few years back I was bucked off into a round pen panned and split my helmet open! I wish people really understood the importance of wearing helmets. I am going to bring the helmet with me to some 4-H meetings to show the importance of wearing a helmet. 

—Emily Queen


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