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I Would've Died On Impact

On August 26th, 2018 at 9:30 am my horse, Valentine, and I had an awful accident. That morning I decided to go out on a trail ride since I had been doing a lot of speed control in the round pen with him and we were both tired of it. 

I live in Vegas, so our trails aren't the best unless you're in the mountains, so most times I'm riding on a narrow dirt path near a road. This is a good time to note that not too long before this we had gotten his front shod.

All was great until we were nearing the end of our ride. We were trotting at a fairly fast pace but since we had two oncoming cars I wanted to wait to canter. (Note: He's ridden next to many cars at all different speeds but I wanted to make sure the closet car passed).

Once one passed I let him canter. At this time he began to veer towards the road, headed directly towards an oncoming car. I pulled back as much as I could on my hackamore and leaned back. He wasn't stopping nor was he slowing down. So I prepared to run into the car, which had stopped and pulled over at this point, but instead at about two strides I heard his shoes slip. And in slow motion we went down. He landed on top of me and we slid for 5 feet. Once we stopped he got up and walked off. I don't blame him, I would've too.

Lots of people helped me. One even went off and found him then brought him back. I was rushed to the hospital and found I had a spiral fracture down my lower left leg, basically creating 3 breaks. I had mild traumatic brain trauma, and severe whiplash. If I would've landed an inch differently I could've shattered my back/ pelvis. The only thing that saved my life that day was my helmet.

The doctors in the ER had said if I had forgotten it, I would've died on impact. No doubt. I was very very lucky that day. I now have a rod and 2 screws in my leg. And an even bigger love for Troxel. The only helmet brand I will trust with my life. I still have my helmet. Funny enough, it has very little damage to it. I will no longer use it, however. I have gotten another Troxel helmet (the black one pictured) but that periwinkle helmet will always have the golden stool.

Thank you Troxel, without you I would've died at only 16. Your brand let me see my 17th birthday.

Tiana Morin

periwinkle helmet

rebel rose helmet

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