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Freak accidents happen!

I was leasing a 17th national show horse (saddle bred x arab) Rocky, who was a been-there-done-that retired show horse with a heart of gold. We used to do it all together, and I never would have imagined I would have had my worst fall on him. I was riding Rocky in June 2008 when a freak accident happened.

I was riding him around bareback like any other day when out of nowhere, he collapsed—back legs dropped, then front legs. I launched up and over him and landed head first then tumbled. As soon as I fell, He collapsed again and yet again missing me by inches. I laid on the ground while my trainer grabbed Rocky. He was bleeding from his fall and subsequent kid on his knees. The ambulance rushed in along with my family and boyfriend at the time. My sister is an EMT so she came along with me for the ride to the hospital.

I ended up having a shattered collarbone and a concussion. The doctors and EMT's said I was very lucky that I didn't have a major brain injury and it was all thanks to the Troxel helmet I was wearing. I still have that helmet as a reminder and proof that helmets save lives!

6 years later, I am back in the saddle and still wearing a Troxel helmet. I am so thankful for Troxel! I HIGHLY recommend them to any one involved with any equine activity!

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