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Setting an Example

On June 12th 2013 I was riding my solid Paint Bred hose Pokie along with my Grandson and 2 teenage girls. I was pulling a large fence post with Pokie when the rope became tangled aroung him. Pokie became afraid and the more he tried to get away, the more he rope tangled around him.

I do not recall what happened next, but I was told Pokie fell and I went off. I was unconscious for a short tme, then very confused, asking the same questions over and over. I am a Paramedic and my co-workers were the crew that came to care for me. I was flown to a trauma center.

I came out of the accident with a concussion and a very bruised leg. Thank God I was wearing my Troxel Helmet. The helmet was cracked in three places. The Trauma Dr. said it very likely saved my life. The Dr. also asked that I advocate for wearing helmets. I sure will! Thank You God and Troxel for saving my life.

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