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It was a lovely ride until...

My partner Terry and I had gone out to the farm for a couple of hours, hoping to enjoy the cooler weather. Her horse Pip, a Hafinger/TWH cross, and my horse Lars, a Norwegian Fjord, had ridden together often, and shared a pasture. Familiar horses, familiar trails, good weather - what could go wrong? I wish I could answer that question!

From what I understand, I was riding Lars at a walk in front when he began to jig and trot. One minute, I'm pulling Lars into a circle to get his attention, and the next minute, I'm airborne. I landed on my head and left shoulder. Thankfully, Terry's a trained First Responder, and she was able to assess the situation and keep her cool... through the local ambulance service, a Life Flight helicopter ride, and a large urban trauma center. I came away with a concussion, a broken collarbone, four broken ribs, and a sprained ankle. I have no memory of the incident at ALL, but we both know that if I had not been wearing my Troxel Sierra, I wouldn't be at home, writing this story. I'm going to miss that helmet, but this gives me the perfect reason to try one of the new Troxel styles!

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