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Leading by example

Everyday, we see children wearing helmets on bike, skateboards and scooters but rarely do we see the same kiddo wearing a helmet around horses. We have two sons that are 3 and 4 and have encouraged safety around the horses starting from day 1 and we do so but leading by example. I have been around horses all of my life and have unfortunately first hand seen the side effects of not wearing protective head gear.

I recently took my son, Alex, to a local tack store to purchase his own Troxel helmet and he was over the moon with excitement! There we quite a few colors he could choose from and he insisted on trying them all on before he could finalize his purchase. Thank you so much for offering quality and affordable helmets! Now that we have been seen wearing helmets around the barn we are staring to see more families use them too! Everyone at the barn knows that my horse trailer is an open door as I keep it stocked with extra helmets that we give to families that either have never used one or cannot afford one. It is so nice to see the kids (and their parents) protected! On a side not Alex is now saving for his own velvet helmet !

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