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How's Your Crystal Ball Working?

I was training a very mellow horse. His name is Poco. Not the kind you would worry about. A beautiful palomino quarter horse gelding who is a very steady fellow. His owners have used him often in hunting and pack trips.

As always I put on my helmet because my crystal ball has never worked. Telling the future is impossible when it comes to accidents. That is why they call them accidents! Anyway I figured this day would be like all the others...a peaceful session. We headed through the forest. As we were riding silently along a ridge a pair of moose just out of sight down below us made an amazing Leap! They landed directly in front of us so close they nearly banged into us. Now Poco is a steady horse, but having the pair of moose nearly crash with us sparked a reaction. He reared up and up. I was riding him bareback and slid gingerly off his rump and landed on the ground.

My landing for the most part was uneventful, except for my head. The base of the back side of my helmet came into direct contact with an 8" diameter log. There was a loud smack when it hit. I layed there for a moment, but then realized I was perfectly fine. Poco was waiting for me and I remounted him and rode back to the barn. We always say, helmets can be replaced, but brains are impossible to replace. Use your brain while you can and wear your helmet!

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