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Accident on the Trail

I have a 23 year old Arabian mare named, Sheba. She's my first horse and I've owned her for 1 1/2 years. Sheba is blind in her right eye because she was kicked in the face by another horse when she was yearling. She is a very even-tempered and sweet mare. She has made me a better person as well as a better rider.

It was a sunny day on April 22, 2010 and I was in the mood to ride. I thought it was odd that my heart was racing while I was tacking her up. A calm voice inside me said, "Just stay in the small field. Don't go on the trail." We had a nice ride in the small field but I really wanted to go on a trail ride. Sheba started jigging as soon as she stepped foot on the trail. (She jigs sometimes and I wanted to work her through it.)

A woman with two big dogs came toward us about a 1/4 mile away. I didn't think it'd be an issue because Sheba does well with dogs. We crossed paths and the dogs viciously snarled at Sheba on her blind side. The lady could barely hold onto them and it seemed like they wanted to hurt Sheba. Sheba spooked by jumping and spinning in a circle. The lady walked away and I had Sheba graze in hopes of easing her mind. I asked her to keep going after she calmed down.

All of a sudden, a motorcycle on a property next the trail started revving loudly. It wouldn't stop so Sheba tried to bolt but I held her back. She started bucking and I was thrown into the air. I had never been on a bucking horse so I froze in fear. She bolted again and I fell onto the pavement. I landed on my ankle and then the back of my head. Thankfully, Sheba ran to the barn she used to be boarded at and they took care of her for the night.

Two bicyclists were passing by and I weakly asked them for help. They used my cellphone to call 911 and an ambulance took me to the ER. My ankle was broke in two places and it required surgery. It has been a long and painful journey. However, it would've been a lot worse if I hadn't been wearing my Legacy helmet by Troxel. Thank you so much for keeping my head safe, Troxel! I'll be purchasing another one of your helmets when I'm able to ride again.

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