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My daughter-in-law, my son, and myself decided to ride the PA Grand Canyon. My quarter horse was lame so I decided to ride a paint that I have been gentling and breaking.

I knew he was green but he had been excellent riding the woods, etc. around home and I wanted to put miles on him. We had been on the trail about 15 min when a friend saw us and rode their horses up. My horse was nervous being in a new place with new horses. I had done extensive work desensitizing him but I let my guard down and turned to talk to the friend.

I must have hit his flank or something. He took off bucking and sunfishing. Anyways I landed on my back and hit the back of my head on the rocks. My helmet split up the back. All I have is a small goose egg. Without the helmet I would have suffered a very serious brain injury.

NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR EXPERIENCED RIDER YOU ARE, WEAR THAT HELMET. I have ridden for 57 years and know better than to let myself get distracted - but accidents happen!

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