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Still alive & back in the saddle!

September 4, 2006 I was riding a leased horse, Louie. We had been riding in the outdoor arena when another boarder came out to the arena and opened a gate to a pasture that contains rich grass.

The herd is turned out twice a day onto the pasture as part of there daily munchies. The owner and their dog, Doc, come out open the hotwire and the herd goes into the pasture for 2 hours to graze. The owner and Doc come back and told the herd brunch is over and to go back to the other pasture like good horseys! Something like that...lol...When Louie and I got out there I had to circle her out into the pasture.

We stopped and I looked around at how beautiful things were out in this field. No one nows exactly what happened, so they say, but, I was quickly found on the ground breathing really bad. I was taken to one hospital & taken to different one in a medically induced coma & intubated.

I am disabled due to a Traumatic Brain Injury and I'm very lucky to be alive and functioning almost as well as before. I've been back in the saddle several times & now I'm ready to part with my helmet. I want to send it back to Troxel or Dover. I want a new helmet because I really have to get back to it!! I hope my helmet will be of good use to the designer and they ought to give themselves a pat on the back! and of course my sincere thank you for making such a fantastic product. It saved my Life!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

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