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I Got Another Sunrise

I was on a training ride (endurance ) with friends. I don't remember the 4 days before or 2 weeks after.

Kangaroo hut the back legs of the young mare I was riding, it was being chased by an ENORMOUS black mini ... like 38inches tall.

She panicked, grabbed the bit and took off down the driveway. Solid steel post n rail.
The girls told me I looked to be trying everything to stop her as at the end of the driveway was a 15ft drop into barb wire fencing.

Lent forward grabbed the bit, She stopped, panicked bucked, I sat 3, She headbutted me on the last. Fell between horse and reins, unconscious. Hung up in reins. She stomped on my head trying to get off me. 4x. Eventually untangled. The only reason I'm here is I was face down in a pothole and my helmet. I get another sunrise.

-Rae N.

 troxel helmet after equestrian accident

troxel helmet after equestrian accident

family photo featuring survivor of equestrian accident


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