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She Has Never Tried Anything Crazy

I took my horse out, she is green broke but a good girl and has never ever tried anything crazy with me. We decided to attempt a trail ride for the 1st time ever, wasn't alone.

Something spooked her, probably a wild turkey I'm guessing and she bolted. She usually listens well to a one rein stop, however, this time she wasn't. She ran all the way back to the barn full-speed then went to turn into the barn but the doors were closed. She turned quickly and I decided at that point I needed to bail because I felt myself losing my balance and didn't want to end up under her or foot caught in a stirrup.

I landed on my side and hit my head pretty hard but thankfully, I had my helmet on and it took the full impact. I had a bruised hip but my head was perfectly fine. Also, my horse was OK also.

broken helmet after equestrian accident

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