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Top 10 Funny Reasons to Wear a Helmet: Shared by Troxel Fans

  1. Hides unseemly bald spot
  2. Helmets are more effective at repelling angry swooping birds
  3. Just in case the jump that you jumped two days ago has suddenly grown horns and is going to attack your horse, you’re covered
  4. Helmets don’t make your butt look big! (it’s true!)
  5. Practicing ‘flying dismounts’ (unplanned) … have been known to cause headaches
  6. You did enough brain damage in your college days
  7. Safe is the new sexy
  8. It’s so much fun to try to scratch that horrible itch on your head!
  9. “Altered level of consciousness related to subarachnoid hemorrhage” is not a cool Facebook Status.
  10. Perfect solution for a bad hair day, just strap that bad boy on and ride!


Do you have some funny reasons of your own? Please leave a comment below!

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