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Guest Blog Post: Summer Riding Tips to Beat the Heat

Guest Blog post by Amy Hamlet of Dover Saddlery

With the hot summer months officially upon us, riders should take precautions to ensure their health and the health of their horses. Long, hot summer days and high humidity increase the risk of dehydration, heat stress and other heat-related health issues for horse and rider.

There are steps riders can take to keep cool during the hot weather: Stay hydrated, take frequent rests, and seek shade when possible. Wear lightweight clothing that wicks moisture. Moderate your pace and riding intensity during peak sunlight hours.

Proper riding apparel can help you beat the heat, too. Here are three riding apparel suggestions to help you stay cool while riding: 

  1. Helmets. Choose a riding helmet with built-in ventilation and moisture-wicking features to maximize comfort without sacrificing performance. Troxel recently unveiled a new helmet, the Avalon, which features a low-profile platform design, steel vent inlays and high-flow mesh for maximum airflow. The Avalon also has a moisture-wicking headliner that provides support and channels cooling air to the places you need it most.
  2. Riding Apparel. Look for breathable, lightweight fabrics. The Kerrits Ventilator Pocket Shirt and the Riding Sport Competition Shirt are two ideal options that combine comfort and style. During summer months, many riders prefer riding tights because they’re lightweight and stretchy. Kerrits, Riding Sport, Devon-Aire, Irideon, and Romfh all offer comfortable riding tights.
  3. Gloves. As any equestrian knows, gloves aren’t just for winter. Lightweight riding gloves like the Heritage Summer Training Riding Gloves are perfect for summer riding, as they’re designed with cooling ventilation and a terry cloth thumb for perspiration.
While choosing the right helmet and riding apparel for summer riding is an important step, hydration, rest and limiting heat exposure are also critical. Remember, paying attention to your health will give you many enjoyable years in the saddle.
Amy Hamlet is an apparel buyer for Dover Saddlery, a leading retailer of horse tack and riding apparel. She stays very busy with her daughter Olivia, riding, and showing her horse, Deveron in the jumper ring. Amy is also training for a full marathon this fall.  

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