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Quick Guide to Safely Remove Lice From Equestrian Helmets

Head lice are highly contagious, especially among children who come in close contact with other youngsters at school, childcare centers, sports activities, and camps. Even when a child's hair is treated for head lice, the infestation can persist if the adult lice and eggs remain on clothing, bedding, and objects such as helmets and hairbrushes.

Washing clothing in hot water and drying on a hot setting is an effective way to kill head lice. Although an equestrian helmet itself cannot be laundered, Troxel’s removable washable Flip-Fold™ headliners can be laundered to kill lice and nits to avoid a re-infestation of head lice.

Here’s How
1. Detach the FlipFold™ headliner and immediately wash it in hot water, along with any other items (e.g., bedding or clothing) that have been in contact with the lice-infested individual.
2. Dry the FlipFold™ headliner on a hot dryer setting.
4. Place the FlipFold™ headliner inside a large, re-sealable plastic bag and immediately seal the bag.
5. Place the sealed bag inside the freezer for 24 hours.

• Do not spray lice removal aerosols or any other chemicals in or on the helmet, as they may cause damage to the helmet.
• Do not share your helmet with others or borrow a used helmet.

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