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Helmet Advice For Headache-Prone Riders

Helmets must fit properly for optimum performance. For headache-prone riders, we recommend choosing a lightweight helmet such as Troxel’s Legacy or Dakota helmet. To find the most comfortable fit for your helmet, follow Troxel's fitting guide.

Start with a size that feels not too loose or too tight on your head. It should sit one inch above the brow and feel snug but not too tight.  From here, work with the Flip-Fold™ Fit System, which provides an adjustable inner liner that can be made thinner or thicker to accommodate various head shapes and hairstyles. First engage all of the tabs. Note any areas that feel too snug, and disengaging those areas.

It may take a small amount of time to 'break in' a helmet, but generally the helmet should feel comfortable after the first adjustment.  If it is still too tight or causing headaches, a larger size may be needed. Fitting your helmet correctly is as important as wearing one. Fortunately, fitting your helmet can be done in three easy steps.

Questions? Feel free to leave us a comment below! 


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