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Share Your Adventure Photo Contest: Winners!

Congratulations Eleni Boston from Salem, Oregon – grand prize winner of our Share Your Adventure Photo Contest!

Eleni Boston from Salem, Oregon: “Canadian Flags”

Eleni's winning photo captures her daughter 'Geneva,' riding her horse 'Coosa,' at her school's Canadian Flag meet. Geneva placed third and subsequently received a bronze medal for her district competition overall placement. Geneva and Coosa will be going to State Competition in mid-May. Canadian Flags is an individual timed relay with 4 riders, each running the length of the arena, grabbing a flag and going back "home," at which the next rider goes.

As the grand prize winner of the Share Your Adventure Photo Contest, Eleni will have her photo featured on the Troxel website and will also receive the following:

  • Troxel Helmet of Choice
  • Troxel Helmet Tote
  • Troxel Fleece Jacket
  • Troxel Barn Beanie
  • Troxel Water Resistant Helmet Cover
  • Ariat Boots – up to $300 in value

Thank you to all who entered our 2011 Share Your Adventure photo contest! The theme of the contest was adventure, asking for people to share their adventures in Troxel helmets, whether the photo was taken atop a snow-covered peak, while riding the trails in a local community, or in their backyard.

We received over 200 incredible photos—from Trail Rides through the hills of Ireland to astounding shots of the lush landscape of Mongolia.

Of all the adventurous entries, we selected the 21 most inspiring photos and opened it up to our Facebook fans to vote for their favorites to get our top three winners.

We were really excited to receive so many entries and had such fun reviewing all the photos.  

Second place goes to:

Shannon from Duson Louisiana: “Montana won't ride without her pink Troxel Helmet”

Our first runner up is 4-year-old ‘Montana.' Montana refuses to ride her horse Lynda in her arena without her Troxel helmet. This photo shows the first day Montana and Lynda rode in her new arena at her home in Duson, Louisiana.  Montana's family was so eager to ride in the new arena they almost forgot to get her helmet out of the trailer.  She made her parents proud when she told her father "Dad, you know Montana don't ride without a helmet, that is what Mom would say.  Can you please go get my helmet out of the trailer?" 

Shannon will recieve Troxel Helmet of Choice and an Ariat Belt!

Third Place Goes To:

Martha from Scottsville, Kentucky: “Western Adventure”

Best friends Vickie and Martha decided to save their pennies to create an adventure to celebrate all the milestones that have passed over the last twenty years. The photograph taken at the rim of Bryce Canyon represents one of the happiest and carefree weeks of their lives, while they rode 100 miles through the beautiful landscape of the American Southwest.

Martha will receive Troxel Helmet of Choice and an Ariat Accessory.

Thank you again to all who entered our 2011 Share Your Adventure Photo Contest! We appreciate your support in Troxel helmets.

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Ride Safe!

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