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This Story Could Have Had A Very Different Ending

This happened over 20 years ago with my mare, Rose. I had her all tacked up and was ready to mount when I realized I'd forgotten my helmet in the car. Really! All the way on the other side of the arena and barn was the parking lot. With the, "Every Ride, Every Time" mantra going through my head, I got somebody to hold her while I ran to get my helmet. I strapped it on and led Rose to the mounting block. She stood perfectly still while I put my foot in the stirrup. Imagine how surprised we both were when the stirrup leather snapped!

My saddle had been cleaned and sitting in the tack room; it had only been three weeks since I'd used it last. How did this happen! I fell right on my back, hitting the back of my head hard on the clay ground. Rose jumped out of the way but luckily didn't get me. I'm always so careful with my tack, but this just goes to show, you just never know. I was probably a little sore, of course, but no damage. I'm so glad I took the time to go back and get my helmet from my car or this story could have had a different ending.

Trina Houser

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