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I Asked If What Happened Was A Dream

One day a few years ago, I decided to ride one of my aunt's other horses. I was trotting around when the horse went over a pole and I was either popped off or fell (I wasn't a very good rider then and was just getting back into riding as I didn't have a horse of my own). I hit my head on the ground and I wasn't wearing a helmet.

[When I came to] I asked if what happened was a dream. I didn't know what happened or where I was. My aunt and my mom didn't know I had a concussion so I never went to the hospital and I didn't want to go. It took me forever to get up. I cracked a few ribs and I was just out of it. Even today I can't remember it clearly.

It took around 2 months to get back on a horse or longer. I lost all of my confidence. My mom then made me wear a helmet. I fought her against it, but she won and said I couldn't ride a horse if I didn't wear one. So I did. I had to wear your early design which I thought was bulky and uncomfortable. I didn't have any confidence wearing one.

When I heard about Fallon Taylor wearing one, it changed my entire perspective [on wearing a helmet]. I then got my first horse which was green broke and I am currently training. I always wear one now. I got your new design which is amazing. I love it. I recently purchased one of the Fallon Taylor helmets. I have had a lot of little wrecks and head hits since that accident. That has saved me from quite of few minor head injuries.

I have written a lot of helmet testimonials for school in English class. Your helmets have saved me more than once! Thank you Troxel!

-Morganne Kumm

NOTE: Hitting your head can be dangerous even if you don't lose consciousness. Symptoms of a head injury can occur right away. Or symptoms develop slowly over several hours or days. Riders should always be evaluated by a qualified medical professional after a fall.


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