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It Was Like Any Normal Day Running Barrels

It was like any normal day running barrels. Warm up and practice runs went great. It was coming closer to our class at the county fair. I was nervous and wasn't ready to make the 3rd run on my new horse and my first run at the county fair. Our name got called and we went to pen one, the workers opened the other gate and we took off.

First barrel was perfect, second was wide, but coming out of the third I lost my reins. Half way home I got them again, but it was too late. Only one of the gate workers had opened the gate, and my horse not seeing the small hole tried to jump the fence. Midway through the jump he saw the hole, and went back the other way. I fell off right on my helmet. I remember the run but not much after, besides everyone coming over to see me.

My horse hadn't moved from my side. They got me off of the ground, and my helmet was cracked down the side, but I was able to walk out of the arena. If it wasn't for wearing a helmet that day things would have been a lot worse then they turned out. Ever since that day I wear a helmet on any ride and every one of my barrel runs. The new SureFit helmets make wearing them more enjoyable and comfortable.

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