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Trouble in the Show Ring

Last fall I was competing in a local show at one of my old farms and was told to go ahead and warm up at the walk, trot, and canter before our main instructor got down to the arena. Everything was going fine until we started warming up over some jumps before we raised them for myself and other advanced riders to practice the two foot course.

I could feel my grey gelding tense underneath me but I knew it would not be an issue because we had do this before. the course was simple enough far rail outside two verticals then a diagonal through the middle and back to the other outside edge. We made it through the first to jumps with no issue going at a nice canter pace and then it was time to change leads and hit the diagonal line through the middle my horse threw a few bucks and hops but nothing that got me out of the saddle we headed to the first diagonal and I felt his hesitation, butIi used a little more leg and he settled until we got to the second jump which he refused twice and then the third time I thought we had it, but he stopped when I was already in a crest release.

He sent me Flying over the jump without him and I landed on my back and hit the back of my head. I just laid there for a few minutes before I decided to try to move both of my instructors had surrounded me to make sure i was fine. I did not get knocked out and i have Troxel and my duratec helmet for that. I was dizzy and had minor bruising on my back and arms but no swelling and that is all because of using a Troxel helmet without that I'm not sure if I would still be able to ride.

The picture was taken before my jumping class that the fall was taken in

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