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Lucky to be alive

I am a professional combined training trainer in Ca. I have 20 years of experience with all kinds of horses. I never wore a helmet unless I had to up until about a year ago.

I won a Troxel Liberty schooling helmet at the grand opening of Riding Warehouse. My better half decided to buy me a visor for it (trying to convince me to wear it). Once I put to visor on there I was in love! The helmet fit great and it kept the sun off from my face (I ride 8-10 horses a day). A few months ago I purchased a school master dressage horse. Last week I was walking him to the arena on a very loose rein down the drive way. He decided to pop up off the ground and rear. Hanging on to him I kicked him forward and told him to behave himself. He reared again! This time hitting me in the right cheek bone with his pole. This sent me backwards and in return I grabbed the reins. He lost his balance and fell backwards on top of me.

I was instantly knocked out when hitting the ground. I was out for six minutes in totally. The EMT's rushed me to the ER. I suffered serious bruising and a extreme concussion. I had NO brain swelling at all!! The doctor said no riding for six months because of my loss in memory. I would have been killed if I had not had my FREE helmet on my head. I owe you my life! and will never buy another brand again!

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