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I got a Concussion- While Wearing a Helmet

My friend and I were riding her horses through a field. At 15 and 16, we had little money for tack, and were using bareback pads with stirrups as saddle substitutes. (Never do this; the girth can't be adjusted tight enough, but being young and stupid, we thought we'd try it.) As we cantered through the field my bareback pad started to slip, and then I was on the ground on my head. I laid there a minute until my friend came over, and I remounted and rode home to put up the horses. I noticed some blurred peripheral vision and then was naseated. My mom took me to the doctor and I had a mild concussion. And by the way, I had been wearing a helmet, which both of our moms were strict about. I learned that day why it was so important; I could have been dead instead of concussed. Now 20 years later my daughter is taking riding lessons and I am shopping for a helmet she will be happy to wear.

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