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Thanks Troxel for Cracking me up!

Sept. 23, 2013. Hello, Please consider posting my story for others to learn from. I am an adult rider who has been taking lessons seriously for almost 1 year, 2-4x/week. My "first" Troxel helmet was purchased before I started taking my lessons, (my coach would not let anyone ride without one-smart coach) and was initally purchased because it was affordable and basic. It was ASTM certified, and I learned that was important to look for when riding a horse. Wisely, the store-clerk told me to "save my receipt," and "if I ever needed to replace the helmet after a fall, or accident, Troxel has a replacement program. Look into it." Thinking I would probably never need to do that, I tossed the receipt and box in my closet anyway, "just in case," and in the excitement of learning to ride, forgot to look into that program.

Fast forward to today...while learning to canter without stirrups, my horse decided to continue to trot during a downward transition, and I lost my balance. Realizing I could not recover enough to stay on, over the near side of the horse I went. I landed with a hard thud on my backside in the riding ring, and heard a loud CRACK! My coach said I did not hit my head at first, but that the horse kicked me with her hoof, (she was still trotting a few steps during the transition), and then I hit my head on the ground. Either way, I knew my helmet was cracked, and hoped that was all that was... Immediately my coach helped me, and deciding together that I likely only "saw stars," one of the first things she said was, "That is why you wear a helmet, just in case. Now go buy a new one!"

So as I sit here typing this with a pretty lousy headache, some sore muscles, a cracked helmet and a grateful husband, I am pleased to be asking your company about replacing my helmet. The more experience I gain with horses, and the more time I spend around them, I realize that wearing a helmet and having helmet-hair is a tiny price to pay compared to the potential alternative. I have also suffered a concussion (in a non-horse-related situation where helmets would not normally be used unless in a commercial setting), and do not want to suffer that fate again--and am more conscious of helmets even more so while riding.

I also try to encourage other people from the perspective of my nursing background, and recently tried to encourage my hairdresser's skateboarding son (14) to wear a helmet even if he is the only one! Now, I can take my cracked helmet in to show his Mom even more proof, and hopefully encourage others to wear helmets in all equestrian and other sports wear falls/hitting your head is a definite risk. Thanks Troxel. I may not look "cool" to some people, but I don't care. It is my head, and my brain, and I want both intact for years to come.

-Teresa in BC

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