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I don't remember anything

I don't remember anything about my accident that happened on Sunday evening, August 11, 2013 (one day after my birthday). My story is based on what I have been told by neighbors/family that saw it happen.

I saddled up my paint mare, Honey. I rode her down our driveway and visited with neighbors. They said she was fine and showing no issues. I rode her back up my driveway and was heading towards the other neighbors arena. Honey started acting up by my backyard. I straightened her out and continued walking. She stopped, reared up and went over backwards on me.

Witnesses said I tried to get out of her way, but didn't. I landed within inches of a wood fence. When my husband got to me, I had a puddle of blood under my head. I don't remember the ambulance ride to the first hospital where I received 6 stitches in my eyelid and was found to have a brain bleed. I don't remember the second ambulance ride when I was transported to the ICU at another hospital.

When I woke up not knowing where I was or what had happened is when my husband told me. I was not wearing a helmet. I am lucky that the brain bleed wasn't worse and that I didn't crack my skull. I am lucky to be alive and I was released Tuesday afternoon.

I make my daughter and her friends where helmets EVERY TIME they ride. I stopped wearing one a couple of weeks ago. I wish now that I hadn't. I can't work for 2 weeks or ride horses for awhile. I will, from now on, always wear a helmet when riding horses.

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