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A Troxel helmet kept my partner's head safe

My partner, Rob, was a new rider at the time and his horse was a very safe a trusted trail horse of senior years. But anything can happen at any time and of course, we always wear our Troxel helmets when riding anywhere.

He has the Troxel Spirit in black and I have the Troxel Liberty also in black. While coming home from a nice ride in the woods, my partner's horse was trotting along nicely, and Rob said that the saddle didn't feel right. So I said he should stop and check the girth. Well, he asked Tucker to stop a little too suddenly and the girth had become just a touch loose - the result was that the saddle shifted just a bit when Tucker obeyed instantly and went from trot to a dead stop.

Tucker stopped - Rob did not and with the shifted saddle, he ended up sliding to the right and coming off in a tumble over Tucker's shoulder - he landed flat on his back and that included his head hitting the ground very suddenly and on this trail, it included rocks. He had the wind knocked out of him a little - but thanks to his Troxel helmet, he got up, adjusted the saddle and off we went home without a problem - he didn't even get a headache!

We really love our helmets - we know they keep us safe, but they are also light-weight, comfortable even on a very hot day and they look pretty good too. Thanks for making such an affordable and reliable product!

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