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I learned the hard way

I grew up on a farm riding horses. No formal training, we just rode. There were local rodeos, no one ever wore a helmet. As an adult, I own my own horses and have horse trails on my 40 acres, in the mountains. In 2001 I was riding my 3 year old paint gelding on my trails, he was wonderful even though this was his first year on the trails.

Apparently a wind came up and a large branch suddenly fell right in front of us. Apparently my horse spun around and I flew off down a steep cliff. I say "Apparently" because I don't remember it. I was in a coma for several weeks and it took me months to fully recover. I still ride, but now always with a helmet.

It seemed odd that no-one had ever suggested that before. Folks who don't compete, just ride their own horses on their own land don't seem to realize we need to wear helmets. We see cowboys with cowboy hats, or baseball caps, or nothing on their head at all.

Thank you for your education programs. I am nothing without my brain!!!! Helmets are a must every time, every ride no exceptions.

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