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When I purchased my horse (Chili), I unfortunately didn't invest in a helmet. I was told I could borrow a helmet by a trainer at my barn, but didn't think much of it past thanking her for the offer.

On a beautiful afternoon I headed out with my horse for a ride in a pasture. Luckily, I decided to use the helmet that had been offered. I wasn't ten feet in to the pasture when Chili decided to jog. Caught off guard as he gained momentum, I lost the reins. In my mind I envisioned the reins going over Chili's head, him tripping on them, and both of us getting hurt. It was a split decision to bail off while he was running. I don't remember the fall, landing, or standing up.

I could only see in black and white. I knew what had happened and where I was, but couldn't walk straight. The helmet was cracked, my leg was hurting, and my ego bruised. The next day I was still feeling nauseous and knew I probably had a concussion. After having a scan done on my head, it was confirmed. The doctor was surprised by the hematoma/bruise on my leg (picture) and said something I'll never forget... "That's what your brain would have suffered without that helmet".



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