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1 broken pinky, 2 broken wrists, torn hip muscles but head intact!!

It was Memorial Day 2008 and I was out for a ride with my then boyfriends dad and like always I put my helmet on. We were just putzing around the pasture but when we got close to the barn to end the ride the geldng I was on began to buck and bolt infront of my boyfriend and his family (they were in the doorway of the barn watching). I ended up coming off in heap.

I landed with my pinky of my left hand down first which drove my left elbow into my left hip. That with the force of hitting the ground bent my hip back like a spoon going into hard ice cream caused my gluteus medius and minimus to tear. I was rushed via ambulance to the trauma specialists at Ohio State Medical Center. I don't remember all the details becuase of the pain medication I was given but they did a CT, lots of x-rays, and I later had an MRI. I had to have a screw put into then later removed from a knucle on my pinky, my left arm was in a cast from finger tip to just about my shoulder. I got away with just having my right wrist in a splint so I could still care for myself.

I spent almost 2 months off of work, because I couldn't drive, and months going to physical therapy. To this day I still have problems with my hip and my left pinky aches sometimes, but I'm so thankful that I had put my helmet on that day. Even now I'm slowing getting my confidence back and of course am wearing a helmet everytime I get on my horse.

I wear a helmet not just for myself but for baby. I want her to grow up seeing that it's just as important as putting your seatbelt on when you get in a car. I also wear it to help make sure that if something happens again that I can still be here for her.

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