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I no longer bounce

First of all let me say that I am old enough to know better - I KNOW not to to get on my 18 hand draft without a helmet, but I did it anyway, I KNOW not to give someone else control of my horse by letting them walk me using a lead line, but I did it anyway. I KNOW to totally tack up my horse if I am going to be on her, but I did it anyway - went without reins, bridle and bit and no way to control my horse.

All it took was a quick moment - a lack of thought on the other persons part and I tested if I could fly. By the grace of God and I do mean just that, I walked away with 3 broken ribs, a broken wrist, a concussion and a ruptured artery in my brain just above my temple. To say I am blessed to be alive, able to walk and talk and ride again....is a total understatement. I bought a new even better helmet the next day and will NEVER ride without or make the same mistake again!!

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