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i lived to tell the tale

I do long distance endurance riding and was training at about 32 km per hour when the road which was recently graded, fell away into a donga under my horse, Zabubega Mokka's feet. He tried to scranbleb back to his feet but my head hit a rock bon the way down the gulley.

I was wearing a Troxel safety helmet and I hit the back of my head with such a force that the helmet had an indentation. That would have been my skull if I had not been wearing protective headgear!! Since that day oi will not get on any horse if I am not wearing a helmet. I have so instilled this essential protection precaution in all and sundry who partake in equine sports, that it has become an absolute habit with many of my friends to grab that helmet before riding.my philosophy is 'no helmet, no ride'.

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