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Two adults made bad decisions. I am a middle aged Mom who has always loved horses, and used to ride as a kid. In the last three years I have been on some trail rides on a horse my friend deemed appropriate for me, and we had a blast. I even got to ride on the beach, a life long dream. Another friend got a new horse, she was only 5, and she had only had her 6 weeks. We were in an arena and my 15 year old daughter, and my friend were riding. She had an extra horse, and offered me to ride her new one. At first I said no, and another woman there, just leaving said she wasn't getting on her. The second time she asked, I said yes, and got on her. We were 3 closely abreast walking done the middle of the arena. The other two turned around, and for some reason I continued further down. When I turned the mare, all I remember is looking down and thinking,'Sxxt, she is galloping'.

Next thing I remember is my head in my friend's lap and my husband driving our car in the arena; I thought that was strange. They said I had come to, they put me on the phone to him, and he asked me where I had gone that day, what car was I driving, and I couldn't answer anything but, "I don't know". I went out again after that, and have no memory of that call. We live about 3.5 miles and it must have taken him at least 5-8 minutes to get there.

When the mare swerved to avoid the other horses, at a gallop, my body went flying forward, skidding to a grinding halt. My friend said it was the worse crash she had ever seen. I had dirt in my ears and my rear end was sore for months.

It was a full six months til I felt I was walking correctly. I must have rolled. They took me to the ER, but I was amazingly fine. After the doctor decided I didn't need an MRI, my husband left to take our daughter somewhere, and the doctor disappeared, they all left me alone in the room, and there I was. Helmet? Thank God.

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