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Wind Warnings in the High Sierras

The wind was strong on the third day of our trip. Very. Strong. Those wearing hats instead of helmets were constantly reaching up to hold their hats down. Many of us were practically falling asleep on our horses as we plodded along, waiting to see some mustangs. Out of no where the wind picked up even harder, and the man in front of me couldn't catch his hat fast enough. Off it went flying straight into my horse's face.

The only thing I remember is feeling my horse jerk to the left, then I'm on the ground, rolling up onto my knees. I landed on my right side, and I could have sworn I landed on pillows. It was actually a really hard landing, and I don't remember if I hit my head or not. People have told me different things. So I'm on my knees, about to jump to my feet when I stop and tell myself I just had my first fall. Look to see where my horse is, someone's got him, so I test my body and get up. Crying from the shock, they bring me my horse, and we both calm down together. Literally a minute after I mount up again for the hour and a half ride back to camp, the guy's hat flew off and hit my horse's face again. I stayed on that time, but it scared me and my horse. I'm so glad I was one of half the group wearing my helmet. We were going over some very rocky and scary terrain, and I was lucky enough to fall onto plain dirt and bushes.

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