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Wonderful horse throws me off!

I had a new horse to replace my old mare that was close to 30 that I couldn't ride anymore due to her artritis. The new guy was a perfect gentleman the first few times I rode him. Easy going and not upset by anything. Then he had a accident in the pasture and cut his knee badly and I couldn't ride him for 4 months. That finally healed up and my husband and I decided to go ride.

We were still in the yard when he threw a fit and tried to run. I circled him and remember losing a stirrup and then he bucked and I don't remember anything after that until I was lying on the couch. My husband said I was unconscious for a few minutes. I always wear my helmet even when I was riding my old dependable girl. Thank goodness. My helmet was cracked but I was ok. I know that if I hadn't had my helmet on it would have been my head that would have been cracked.

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